Redirect traffic to subdomains

We are trying to forward all the traffic to the 2nd server

is this configuration ok ?

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Not quite. On your second server, prepend http:// in front of each site address (e.g. since the second server will not be reachable by ACME issuers to solve HTTP/TLS-ALPN challenges. Your first server will be terminating TLS.

If you need communications between your two servers to be encrypted (i.e. the servers are not in the same private network) then you’ll need to configure your second server to enable the ACME DNS challenge, so it can still get certificates for your domains (but at that point, you might as well just point your DNS records for those domains to your second server instead, there’s no real benefit to proxying back over public networks).

Next time please fill out the help topic template. It saves time for both you and us by filling it out, so we’re on the same page.

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