Redirect requests to another proxy_path based on Header (Nginx example included)

I want make another port to php fastcgi_pass based on some “if” like

upstream http_backend1 {
upstream http_backend2 {

location ~ \.php {
            fastcgi_pass http_backend1;
            if ($http_x_forwarded_proto = "http") {
                fastcgi_pass http_backend2;

It can be possible with Caddy/

Something like this can work. I think rewrite suits this better since the redirection is internal and not exposed to the user.

proxy /http_backend

rewrite {
    if {path} ends_with .php
    if {scheme} is http
    to /http_backend
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Great! If i want to use jwt token custom claim for variable in {sheme}?

There is no JWT plugin for Caddy yet but you can access any header via {>Header} e.g. {>User-Agent}.

Check the documentation for placeholders to see all supported ones.

Much Thanks)

There’s this one - unless you were talking about something else?


I cant return any variable in this plugin. But can make some restrictions what return true or false. I need get custom claim from token and use that for my conditions of proxy.

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