Recurring Donations


you have a good “Donate” page, but it is hard to know who to give to.

There is a nice (french) open-source platform for recurring micro-donations:
It allows you to create a team and the members of the team decide how they split the donations (one can also give directly to one person).

They eat there own food, since they don’t get money on the transactions (the fees are for the Mango costs), but also have a page to receive donations

I created a (small) pledge for the caddy team:
To receive it, you only have to signup and link your github account (to prove that you belong to the caddyserver team :-).

All the best and thanks again for this great software !


Hey Oliver! Thanks for setting that up, it’s really nice of you.

Recurring donations were something that bothered me a couple years ago when I set it up because there wasn’t any good solutions that I could find that really fit. (Now there’s DonorBox, too, which I looked at recently, but kinda too late.)

On April 20, the Donate page on our site will be going away. We have a replacement ready which will launch next week with the new version of Caddy. I will see if/how this pledge can fit into the new site and DM you what I decide! :slight_smile:

The rest happened in a private conversation, referring to

Also would like to see you on LIberapay! It is a great donation site for FLOSS projects?

So the reply sounds as if you setup a page, but do not advertise it. (which I don’t understand, I mean it won’t hurt :smile:)

But I could not find it, so?