Recommended way to set up reverse proxy

Either as Docker container or installation parallel with OpenMediaVault5?

I have Debian based Openmediavault installation with Docker and Portainer. I have some servers running as Dockers (Home assistant, Bitwarden, Nextcloud, Nessus, etc)

Which is recommended way to set up this?

  1. Caddy as docker or not
  2. If Docker should I use lucaslorentz /caddy-docker-proxy
  3. Install alongside Openmediavault and reverse proxy to docker ports with Docker host IP and port.

Looking for most efficient and simplest way to install as well as admin these and future services.

I think this wiki article will help you understand some of the basics:

I would recommend (especially if you’re just getting started) to run in Docker, without caddy-docker-proxy initially. It’s inherently more complex to use CDP because it requires understanding of the Caddyfile for proper configuration. CDP is best for when you have auto-scaling and/or container replicas. It sounds to me like you just have single instances of various services, so you won’t get those benefits.

Thank you . Caddy installed as Docker and now first 4 of my servers are served nicely under own subdomain and WITH Let’s Encrypt certificates as well. Isn’t this great!

Nice Christmas time to to you man :christmas_tree:


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