Raspberry pi 4 arm8

Has anyone tried installing Caddy on the new Raspberry pi 4? i am going to be getting mine in a few weeks but i cant see a a arm8 download so i hope the arm64 will work like Matt said.

I run Caddy on my RPi 4 (Raspbian). Just build for arm: GOOS=linux GOARCH=arm go build

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Pretty sure arm64 is just the 64-bit instruction set for ARM processors (which requires armv8-a architecture as a minimum?). That’ll be the one you want. arm7 will be 32-bit only.

Don’t have an rpi4 myself yet. If you set it up, tell us how it goes!

Will do!,
I use the OS DietPi(based on buster) and i think its still 32bit so i guess I’ll choose arm7, we will see

Hmm, the DietPi image for all Raspberry Pi models seems to be ARMv6 based on the file name. Not sure if that’ll be a problem or not, but definitely not 64bit…

There are other DietPi downloads for non-Raspberry Pi models that seem to be ARMv8, but I don’t know if there are actual model-specific adaptions that would make them incompatible, or if the download screen just uses the models to determine which architecture to give you.

hmm, well i have time to hunt for new OS, lets see