Quic reserve_proxy over node.js

1. The problem I’m having:

I have the server on node.js(http2/tcp) on Windows and I want to test QUIC(http3/udp) protocol by setup the Caddy reverse_proxy in front of it.
I will start the Chrome with force quic-support
--enable-quic --origin-to-force-quic-on=example.com:443
and what to see QUIC request/responses to Caddy server.
Is it even possible scheme? :slight_smile:

2. Caddy version:

v2.7.3 h1:eMCNjOyMgB5A1KgOzT2dXKR4I0Va+YHCJYC8HHu+DP0=



http://example.com:881 {
    reverse_proxy /* example.com:80

https://example.com:8441 {
    reverse_proxy /* example.com:80
    tls internal

Looks like it works)

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