Question: Should I use DNS challenge?

I have a simple website which already running behind Caddy for several months. Several days ago, I’ve decided to use free Cloudflare CDN to prevent DDOS attack to my website. Here is my current Caddyfile : {
    log ../access.log
    timeouts 30s
    proxy / localhost:8081

My question is, after I use Cloudflare CDN, should I use DNS Challenge in my Caddyfile ?

From what I understand, DNS Challenge is only used to check for ownership of a domain, to generate SSL on the first time. Now, since Caddy already generated my SSL months before I using Cloudflare, I think there are no need to use DNS challenge on my Caddyfile. However I’m not really sure, so please tell me and correct me if I’m wrong.

That’s all, thank you.

Yes I should. I forgot that SSL needs to be updated periodically. That’s why I have to use DNS Challenge after using Cloudflare CDN.

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