Proxy request to other domain


On my https caddy website I need to get data from another domain, which unfortunately doesn’t support https yet. Is it possible to use caddy’s reverse proxy capabilities for this to upgrade the request to HTTPS?

So cache every response (it’s a .m3u playlist) from website B and serve it over HTTPS as if it would be local.

Is this possible and how to configure it in a caddy conf file?

Caddy can act as a reverse proxy, not a forward proxy. So yes, you can do this with the proxy directive, but your site has to be set up to be behind a proxy. Try it and see what happens. :slight_smile:

Ok , so i’ll have to configure apache or nginx to serve my website and use caddy merely as a proxy?

Your HTTPS site can be powered by Caddy, but you’ll want to use the proxy directive so that your HTTPS site can make HTTPS requests to the same origin and Caddy can proxy those kinds of requests to the plain HTTP site.

This example may be helpful

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