Proxy or redir in local Network

I want do redirect or Proxy a local Raspberry pi

Now the is a service available on home.local:8123

and i want to proxy or redir it without https to home.local

But all my different tries of configs didn’t worked.

To host a site without also hosting HTTPS, you can simply specify http:// at the top of your Caddyfile (as per the Addresses section of the Caddyfile docs).

For proxying, you will want to make use of the proxy directive, or if you want to redirect you will want the redir directive.

Those docs should tell you everything you need, but if you’re still having issues and need help, we’ll need to know more details - the contents of your Caddyfile, as well as any errors you’ve noted trying to get Caddy working, would be a good start.

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