Propagation Defaults

Not requesting help, just asking a question. Would it be possible to set the default propagation delay to 10s and completely disable propagation timeout by default?

Reason being that if DNS is forced to local DNS only, caddy fails at doing the propagation checks. I know this because bypassing the forced DNS gets it working.

I have to set the delay to 10s and disable the timeout for every site block. This works, but would be nice to not have to.

I understand if this is not possible or desirable if there are valid reasons.

Unless I can put it in the global block, but I’ve read the docs and there doesn’t seem to be support for that.

You can use Caddyfile snippets to copy repeated config to each site block:

There’s no way currently to set configure propagation checks globally, but noted, we might add a global option for that at some point.

IMO, the propagation checks in general were a mistake to add. But we’re still collecting evidence of whether it makes sense to turn off by default or remove altogether. I think a configurable delay is useful when it’s known that the DNS provider is slow, but maybe the DNS lookups are possibly not as important to have.

In a sense, the point of propagation checks is to avoid having ACME issuers waste cycles doing a lookup for the DNS TXT record if Caddy knows it’s probably not ready. That way it offloads the processing cycles to Caddy instead of the ACME issuer. Since it’s a free service, trying to not add additional wasted pressure to those services is ideal. But on the other hand, DNS lookups are pretty cheap. So I dunno.


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