Problem with a Static Website with Service Worker

I’m using Caddy 0.10.10 on Windows 10 Pro with a small
static website. I want to use a Service Worker so the
site can run offline.

There is a problem with the redirects from
<path>/index.html to <path>/ which Caddy does
automagically via 302 redirects. Using a Service Worker
data for both paths is saved, which is annoying and
wasteful. I can’t find any way to avoid the double hit.

Is there any chance of making the redirect a configurable
option in future versions of Caddy?

Hi @timniblett,

If you know which paths are frequently being hit twice, you can specify them as manual 301 redirects:

redir /index.html / 301
redir /some/path/index.html /some/path/ 301


As for modifying the behaviour of the static fileserver, you’ll want to submit a feature request at

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the reply. The problem is more with the Service Worker (or my understanding of it) than Caddy. You have to provide a set of paths to be offline, and the default behaviour is to follow redirects and scoop up the data. So for the file foo/index.html there would be three copies for foo, foo/ and foo/index.html. I could make a Caddy-specific Service Worker which did what you’re suggesting in the service worker, but I’d need something different on other platforms. I guess I thought that a static website should be able to have a single service worker for all server platforms.

I’m interested to know whether anyone else has had SW problems and has thought of a solution…



Sorry, I’ve got no experience at all with Service Workers. From your original post I’d assumed that the issue was that Caddy gave 302s rather than 301s, so the Caddyfile snippet I gave simply configures Caddy to give 301s instead.

Could you clarify exactly what you want Caddy to do in an ideal setup?

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