Problem while reverse proxying jellyfin

These are the logs from the end of the file

Okay. Could you post the contents of /var/lib/caddy/.config/caddy/autosave.json? Ideally this should align with your Caddyfile and have a reverse_proxy in there.

It makes no sense that you would still be getting the welcome page unless something is misconfigured, for example the ports might be forwarded to another machine in your network running a fresh instance of Caddy.

At this point I have a lack of information as to how your system is configured so I’m not sure what to suggest other than the above.

These are the contents:


Which does include the reverse_proxy line. For the ports they are only forwarded to my machine. In addition, there are no other machines that use caddy except mine.

I have absolutely no idea why you would be seeing the Caddy welcome page then. That JSON looks right.

There’s definitely a piece of the puzzle missing here, you’ll need to do some more investigating.

I have also tried to reinstall caddy and set it up, however it had no effect.

Can you share the systemd service/unit file? Also run curl localhost:2019/config/ and share the output.

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Thank you @francislavoie for your continuous help in trying to help me solve my problem. I reinstalled my os (Pop!_OS) and reinstalled everything (jellyfin & caddy) now everything seems to be working just fine. (Even the https is there) What I can assume is that the first time I deleted caddy some files were still leftover which probably caused this entire mess in the first place.


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