Possible to use aws lightsail running caddy for RP

Just want to know if anyone has tried to spin up a minimal aws lightsail container running caddy for reverse proxy only. The traffic is going to be super light as it only some sites served from my LAN for limited consumption.

Yes? some details please then. Maybe the docker-compose or other script you ran? Does bitnumi have something preset?

I was hoping not to have to run an EC2 instance as that is more spendy.

Well, I’ll answer my own question which is yes you can.

It was actaully pretty easy. I made an minimal ubuntu lightsail instance $3.50/month). They supply an ssh key. Just ssh’d in and got caddy running like I do normally (without containers using systemd service) and it’s fine. It’s just like running on bare metal.

So this gives me a “central” in the “cloud” reverse proxy server that can redirect to where my servers actually are (i.e. my servers on my LAN). Not realy a solution for big production but works for my purposes.

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If you ever feel like expanding your solution into a wiki, I’m sure the community would welcome that very much! :slight_smile:

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