Packaging Caddy

(Sayem Chowdhury) #122

About that… can’t make time to post or update readme. PR is welcome :slight_smile:

(Federico Bruni) #123

Thanks Carl! I guess you’ll have to update (or remove) the Copr project?
I see that the spec is now here.

(Eduardo Perroud) #124

@matt @Whitestrake @sayem314
Dears, what about that?!

On the possibility of inserting all the available plugins/services in the compilation of the Caddy in Homebrew and Linuxbrew: => Zhiming Wang’s notes are very pertinent.

(Matthew Fay) #125

Generally speaking, adding an “all-plugins” version of Caddy is not advisable. I agree with zmwangx’s comment in the linked Github thread. If you or someone else were willing to commit not only to supporting it, but verifying the trustworthiness of the suite of plugins, maybe.

(Sayem Chowdhury) #126

This is possible on Caddy-X. But as zmwangx said, it’s not recommended. You could open a issue on Caddy-X and I will see what I can do!

(Carl George) #127

Thanks for the reminder, it’s removed now.