Packaging Caddy

(Sayem Chowdhury) #122

About that… can’t make time to post or update readme. PR is welcome :slight_smile:

(Federico Bruni) #123

Thanks Carl! I guess you’ll have to update (or remove) the Copr project?
I see that the spec is now here.

(Eduardo Perroud) #124

@matt @Whitestrake @sayem314
Dears, what about that?!

On the possibility of inserting all the available plugins/services in the compilation of the Caddy in Homebrew and Linuxbrew: => Zhiming Wang’s notes are very pertinent.

(Matthew Fay) #125

Generally speaking, adding an “all-plugins” version of Caddy is not advisable. I agree with zmwangx’s comment in the linked Github thread. If you or someone else were willing to commit not only to supporting it, but verifying the trustworthiness of the suite of plugins, maybe.

(Sayem Chowdhury) #126

This is possible on Caddy-X. But as zmwangx said, it’s not recommended. You could open a issue on Caddy-X and I will see what I can do!

Caddy 0.11 Will Have Telemetry - discuss
(Carl George) #127

Thanks for the reminder, it’s removed now.

Caddy 0.11 Will Have Telemetry - discuss
(rugk) #128

BTW caddy is already packaged for some distros/systems already:

  • Alpine Linux
  • Chocolatey (Windows)
  • EPEL 7
  • Fedora
  • FreeBSD
  • Gentoo
  • Homebrew (MacOS)

(rugk) #129

BTW anyone: You want to install Caddy from your distro, but still want to disable (or enable) telemetry? Not possible., at least when the Caddy devs do not decide otherwise.

They insist on a compile time configuration. So if you only have access to run-time stuff or don’t want to mess with binaries, without automatic upgrades, you have no way of disabling sending data to Caddy from your own web server.

Full thread here:

(Matt Holt) #130

Worth noting, though: this is the same problem for choosing your plugins. It’s why we don’t have an awesome distro package for Caddy, because they apparently don’t let you customize plugins at install-time. Telemetry is nothing special here. You might as well raise a banner that says, “You have no way of changing your Caddy plugins from your own web server.”

(rugk) #131

Yes and this is actually true and may also be not so nice. However, it is a technical limitation that e.g. nginx also have.

The option to not let the user customize this setting on runtime is a deliberate decision that you could change at any time.

(Matt Holt) #132

We’d lose one critical piece of information though, and that is an estimate of how representative the numbers are of the true population. Without that estimate, telemetry becomes mostly useless as a research tool because you’d have to caveat anything that cites it with, “We don’t actually know if these numbers represent the true population, so we can’t actually draw any conclusions from them.”

(Carl George) #133

I actually don’t mind telemetry, and have left it enabled in the Fedora and EPEL packages.

That said, I take issue with this statement.

This is not a distro choice, this is a limitation of any software’s compile time options. Binary distros build the packages once for everyone to consume via their package manager. If a user wants full control over their compile time options they need to use a source distro like Gentoo. Nobody is right or wrong in this scenario, but this statement is a fundamental mischaracterization.

(Matt Holt) #134

It doesn’t matter: our build server abstracts this away and all the package manager has to do is make an HTTP request to get the binary.