Options for adding/removing domains on the fly dynamically? Advice for thousands of domains?

I have not setup a caddy server yet, but want to understand my options for adding/removing domains from the system.

When adding a domain, is the only option to update the configuration file with the domain? How do systems with thousands or more domains do this, or is the configuration file able to handle this type of scenerio?

Any advice from others who use caddy with thousands of domains would be great!

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You’re looking for On-Demand TLS:

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Yep, and this wiki guide can help with understanding it:

Once you get this set up, please consider sponsoring the project :pray:. Caddy is the only server that can do this for you (esp. for free).

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So what exactly does this endpoint have to return, just a 200 OK status with no body required?

That’s right. Caddy makes a GET request with a ?domain= query, and on a 200 OK it will continue with cert issuance, on any 4xx or 5xx status it will give up and fail the pending TLS handshake.


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