Optimizing the official docker image

In the docker world we all want a smaller docker image. Look at this.

abiosoft/caddy              0.11.1                                          efa44ada1e8f        3 weeks ago         44.3MB
devmtl/caddyfire            0.11.1-d                                        c50d51ea3881        12 hours ago        13.9MB
productionwentdown/caddy    latest                                          0fbe5ae31fd6        6 days ago          4.94MB

I’m curious to know if the Caddy team is open make the image smaller? With the same plugin, using scratch, the image will be at 8Mo.

You can see my dockerfile here.

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Hi @devmtl,

Additional versions of Caddy images on the Docker hub are very welcome!

The only official distribution of Caddy is via downloading from the website. Some of the Docker images, including the most popular Caddy image, are maintained by close contributors to the open source project, but not the developers themselves.


See my PR

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As the official caddy-docker V2 is now in this repo, I’ll wait for the stable V2 version and see if it’s worth it.