Only getting "Fake LE Intermediate X1" intermediate certificate

According the log-files, it seems that the Lets Encrypt functionality is… working. But I am only getting “Fake LE Intermediate X1” as the intermediate cert. As such, I am still getting the “Certificate Error: There are issues with the site’s certificate chain (net::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID).”

In the log-files, I see:
==> syslog <== │
Jul 13 18:22:17 my-site-here systemd[1]: Starting Caddy webserver using uWSGI… │
Jul 13 18:22:17 my-site-here systemd[1]: Started Caddy webserver using uWSGI. │
Jul 13 18:22:17 my-site-here caddy.arm6[9416]: Activating privacy features… done. │
Jul 13 18:22:17 my-site-here caddy.arm6[9416]: │
Jul 13 18:22:17 my-site-here caddy.arm6[9416]:

I’m using Caddy on an Raspberry Pi B+, using the ‘fastcgi’ directive which is tied to a uWSGI Python application. Version: Caddy 0.8 beta 4

There are *.key and *.json files in both the URL and the ‘user’ folders in .caddy/letsencrypt folder. There is also a .crt file in the URL folder.

I thought I had read that sometimes it can take up to 15 minutes for the ‘final’ certificates to make it to my server. After 3 hours, I still get the bad-intermediate-cert error.

So: is there anything I should be doing differently to stop getting the Certificate Error?

Hey dmalouf, thanks for your question. Welcome!

That version of Caddy is over 6 months old. :thinking: I don’t even remember its Let’s Encrypt configuration.

Anyway, if that’s your only site on your Raspberry Pi, delete the ~/.caddy/letsencrypt folder, download the latest version of Caddy, and try again.

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Just to follow-up, I got the latest Caddy from Github (go get, cross-compiled for ARM6, and boom - it worked perfect!

Thank you for your continued work on this product. It’s awesome. period. AND it’s great to have such a ‘thin’ server to run on my Raspberry Pi - a not-new one that has NO problem with Caddy. I’m very grateful for this software!


Just to mention it here, you can also download an arm6 binary from the website

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