Not following symlink in rewrite destination

1. My Caddy version 2.0.0-beta.17:

Should this

@master {
    path_regexp ^\/master\/(?P<more>.*)?$
rewrite @master /master/frontends/php/{http.regexp.more}

work if /frontends/php is a relative symlink to another directory (that surely is available)?

You’re using quite an old version! Please update to the latest, Caddy v2.0.0 stable was just released yesterday!

When using regexp matchers, you need to specify a name for the matcher to reference its results later. E.g. path_regexp master ^\/master\/(?P<more>.*)?$ then later, {http.regexp.master.more}.

Yes, Caddy will follow symlinks, it’s just doing regular system calls, and symlinks are handled at the system level, not the application level.

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