Non-regex URLpath

In this repo which Fiber web framework claims it has a faster path matching over regexp, how would this benefits Caddy if assuming we could have a matchpath directive for template and upstream/downstream/backends?

It doesn’t do everything the path matcher does (* in any position) and doesn’t do everything the path_regexp matcher does either (arbitrary regexp not limited to matching individual path segments).

If we were to add support for something like that, I think it would need to be a new matcher, maybe called path_segments or something. A plugin could easily add support for that!

Great, having that as a plugin would be great for performance?

Honestly, you should only worry about the performance if you have a very high traffic server. I don’t think it’ll make a huge difference otherwise to just use a regexp.

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This follows a similar kind of pattern that I’ve seen some common Golang request routers utilize.

They do tend to be pretty quick, but they’re also limited to a fairly narrow band of functionality. Strictly speaking both Caddy’s normal matching (with wildcards) and regex matching are more versatile, but I don’t doubt the above will have an edge over regex matching while still being able to pull those matches out for use elsewhere.

Maybe this would work well as a third party matcher module? Extending Caddy — Caddy Documentation

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I’m sure that if someone determined path matching was their bottleneck (in an extremely layered and complex system with tons of I/O and system calls which are actually bottlenecks), something like that could be helpful, sure.

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