New Plugin : Redis Storage for Caddy TLS data

I created a new cluster plugin to allow multiple instances of Caddy to share certs and configuration information using Redis.

So far has been tested in our staging environment, using Caddy version 1.0.1. The image for testing can be downloaded from Docker Hub.


Yesss, I’m excited about this. Thanks for making it!

Can you add it to this table? Storage Implementations · caddyserver/certmagic Wiki · GitHub

Thanks for the appreciation, already added it to the Storage Implementations · caddyserver/certmagic Wiki · GitHub a moment ago.

@matt I’d like to publish it the Caddy website, but the build is failed because it seems there is no Redis instance in the build server. There are two options I could use:

  1. Use remote server, using free tier aws, gcp, but have the risk of exposing unnecessary info
  2. Skip the test if there are no Redis instance, is it okay to do it like this?

Locally, the test should run just fine

go test -race
ok       1.145s

Awesome! Thanks for making this, I can’t wait to try it out

Yeah, it’s unlikely that I’ll allow (speaking in general terms for any/all plugins) arbitrary programs to be downloaded and run on the build server, so I would recommend skipping tests if redis is not available (just print a warning I suppose).

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