New Plugin: loginsrv

Hi there,

I started a new project to provide a simple login, using JWT. It is called loginsrv
I have also done a caddy plugin for loginsrv to directly integrate it into caddy:

The functionality is simple:

  1. Provide a resource /login with HTML form or REST behaviour for the login
  2. Check the credentials against a configurable backend (more will come)
  3. On successful login, provide a JWT with the signed user info

Loginsrv is designed to play nicely with the caddy-jwt plugin from @BTBurke.

It is still very young, and needs some real world testing … so any suggestion are welcome …



Cool Sebastian – thanks for sharing!

I can’t wait until the new build server and plugin registry are ready to go, so you can so much more easily add it to the Download page. (Working on it!)

No hurry, I need 1-2 weeks any ways, to further polish it before I recommend it to other users.
Also some more login backends would be nice for the first start.