New old plugin: http.filebrowser

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As many of you might know, the plugins http.hugo, http.jekyll and http.filemanager were all based on a side-project of mine called File Browser. We’ve now been working on version 2.0 and we decided to remove Hugo and Jekyll support on this version. You can still run costum commands so basically it is the same, but different. Just requires a bit more configuration from the user.

The main changes on Caddy land are the deprecation of http.hugo, http.jekyll and http.filemanager in favour of http.filebrowser. But why? There are a few reasons:

  1. We wanted the name to match with the actual project.
  2. There are some breaking changes so I’m pretty sure most people will take a look at them if it’s a completely new plugin than if it remained with its previous name.

For you, that were using http.filemanager: if you have a database file with many users that you don’t want to create manually again, I recommend you to take a look at our CLI upgrade tool to upgrade de DB. If there are DB changes in the next versions, no manual action will be needed since we now store the database structure version on itself.

So, http.filebrowser is already out and here’s the docs:!

Hope you enjoy it and file bugs and feature requests!


Thanks Henrique! The update looks great. Appreciate the effort you’ve gone into for this, it’s really a great plugin.

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I rely on the Hugo integration to provide a GUI for a paying client to edit his Hugo website :frowning: I’m not sure what to do now. Is there any hope of getting Hugo integration back in the future? Is there any workaround I could hack together to make the new File Browser work like the Hugo plugin did?

Alternately, are there any projects that work in a similar fashion with Caddy and Hugo? Or perhaps Caddy with some other static site generator?

Also, is this project still being actively developed or not? I’m confused because this SOS issue is still open: 🆘 Need Maintainers · Issue #532 · filebrowser/filebrowser · GitHub

We (Light Code Labs) can help take care of that. Shoot me an email with your requirements and we’ll set you up with a quote.

Alternatively, there’s still the git plugin which can run hugo after doing a git pull:

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Hey @skyfaller! Sorry for hearing that. About the issue, I closed it, thanks for noticing. I see you already posted on our repository so let’s continue the conversation there.

You can keep using File Browser almost the same way as you could use before. The only things that you might miss are:

  • Publish button. You have to run hugo manually or set a hook to run it after saving a file.
  • Preview.

I’d also take a look at @matt’s proposal :slight_smile:

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