New Caddy version 25.01.2017. don't work correctly without timeouts 0

I had problems with Caddy in production, because I received connection errors in my browser, when internet was slow between me and server.
When I added
timeouts 0
to my Caddy config file, error was gone.

This happened when I was upgrading my caddy.exe (using in on 32-Bit Windows 7) from Version 22.12.2016. to 25.01.2017.

My question is, why this happened, because version 22.12.2016. worked flawlessly, and in version 25.01.2017. those errors occured, without timeouts 0 parameter.

Thank You

Simple, we enabled timeouts; see the release notes:

Ah, OK, timeouts are enabled by default in release 0.9.5 and set to default 20 sec. timeout.
And in previous releases there was no timeout…

I was first time installing Caddy on customer site in production, and it stroke me, I had really hard time to figure out, why it doesn’t work (3 hours of pain). :slight_smile:

Next time I should read release notes, before I install new version. :slight_smile:


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