Multiple version of the same plugin?


Is it possible to have multiple versions of the same plugin ? The idea behind this request is to allow user (on the caddy download page) to have choice betwen stable version or snapshot version for the selected plugins.

By instance, “SNAPSHOT” tel to the build server to always retrieve the last commit of the configured git branch.

Here an example:

Yes, we could do that, however, not everyone uses the master branch for development.

Also I’m not sure how the plugin authors would feel about people being able to use their plugin in an unstable state directly from the website. If they want to allow that, they can configure their plugin to be released at origin/master (or whatever branch).

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I’m agree, master is not for development but you don’t know Java/scala developers :joy: It would be nice if the “snapshot” version could be configured (ie : for the plugin XXXX, “snapshot” is the last commit of the branch “testing”)

I’m confused, would you help me understand the benefit?

Given the level of control plugin authors have, I imagine if this functionality were created, it’d be up to the author to configure it - so you’d also have to convince them to set it up. But the version published on the Caddy download page is already - generally speaking - up to date, to the point where snapshotting further development would probably be unstable, right? I guess I’m just wondering why it’s important for this to be exposed through the download page/build server, when you could, if you wanted, clone the applicable repos to build an unstable snapshot yourself. This makes it less likely for people who don’t know what they’re getting to download a version of Caddy from the main site and grabbing a version with plugins that don’t work, and wondering why the main website has broken software.

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