Moving from nginx to Caddy

I’m looking at moving my server from nginx to caddy. Doing the Caddy file is not a big deal, I’ve already set up a couple Caddy servers from scratch. The thing I Don’t know how to do is move my SSL certs over. I want to take advantage of Caddy’s autorenewal. Do I just spin up Caddy as always and I’ll have new certs generated? Do I move my old certs somewhere and Caddy will read them and handle autorenewals as needed from there?


Hi @stratacast, welcome to the Caddy community!

Caddy stores its TLS assets in a format that will probably be inconvenient to adapt all your old certs to by hand.

It will be much easier to simply let Caddy generate a full set of brand new certificates as required. Caddy will be quite happy to do this for you.

Caddy 2, especially, has seen some pretty cool improvements in regards to handling truly massive amounts of domains and certificates:

  • Significant improvements to TLS certificate management, especially at large scale. Give Caddy 2 a million domains and it will gradually obtain certificates for them with built-in rate limiting and retries over the course of days or weeks.

Releases · caddyserver/caddy · GitHub, “2.0 beta 8”

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As whitestrake said, its best to let caddy aquire new certs.

And just make the new caddy configs mirror your current ones

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