More 'enterprise' Auth in caddy

I think to integrate external auth mechanism like keycloak/ldap/… into caddy

I have only seen basic auth in the user doc.

Is there another auth solution for caddy?

BR Aleks

Hello Aleks,

Good question!
I haven’t seen plugins to do this, but I think it’s doable if anyone feels inclined to make a plugin for it. :slight_smile:

Well. I have no glue about go so it’s a good reason to start with the language :wink:
Can I start with the basicauth as skeleton?
Is there a doc for ‘create a plugin/add-on’ for caddy something like this.

Is there a doc fo the hooks which caddy provides?

Sure is!

If you need to learn Go, start here, in this order (my recommendation):

  1. Download and install - The Go Programming Language
  2. A Tour of Go
  3. How to Write Go Code - The Go Programming Language
  4. Effective Go - The Go Programming Language (long read, but really good)

Auth can be kind of tricky in any language; make sure to have others vet your code as well!


thanks for the links, I will take a look.
As you can assume it will take some time :wink: :grinning:

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