Mixed http https endpoints

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Debian 11

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Is it possible to have mixed http and https endpoints?


Is there some way to match only some endpoints?

http://example.com {
  match /api/thing1/a 
 match /api/thing1/c 
 // all other api endpoints over https

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Caddy will by default redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS.

Are you asking that some URLs are served over HTTP while everything else redirects to HTTPS?

If so, yes, you can with request matchers, the handle directive, and the redir directive.

example.com {
	# Handling for HTTPS requests

http://example.com {
	@http-allowed /api/thing1/a* /api/thing1/c*
	handle @http-allowed {
		# handle it how you need

	# Redirect everything else to HTTPS
	handle {
		redir https://{hostport}{uri}
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Thank you. That is exactly what I was asking. How to make an HTTP block handle one set of endpoints and pass everything else off to HTTPS.

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