MinIO connection not secure with reverse-proxy

{I did not use the help-template because I’m looking for a general idea how to get MinIO+Caddy working.}


has anyone made a Caddy reverse-proxy work with MinIO ( and can provide me with a working Caddyfile?

The tutorial at MinIO | Setup Caddy proxy with MinIO - Cookbook/Recipe is outdated (Caddy v1).


I’m trying to provide a secure connection to my MinIO server via Caddy with a simple
reverse_proxy localhost:9000 in the Caddyfile. This works well for other services on other ports, just not for MinIO.
When you call MinIO through a browser at port 9000, it redirects you to another port (9001) where a web-UI is provided. The redirect works behind the Caddy-reverse-proxy, but this connection is marked “not secure” by the browser.
I am wondering now whether the secure connection to the original port is working and only the redirect opens a new, unsafe connection in the browser, or whether MinIO is generally not working with a (Caddy) reverse-proxy.

This is the exact kind of situation where you should use the help topic template. We can’t help you without more details about what’s not working, what version you’re on, your config, logs, etc.

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