Migrating away from markdown

I have a site that uses the markdown directive and I would like to migrate away from that. I would like to generate all of the pages as HTML so that I will have those. Before Caddy 0.9 there was a way to statically generate the pages, but there is not any more.

How does one then migrate away from markdown? Is crawling the only possibility?

Just google “markdown to html” and you’ll find vast numbers of converters, both online and installable.

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Sounds like you basically want a static site generator. Hugo is good at that!

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Hugo doesn’t generate the exact same HTML that caddy’s markdown does. Does Caddy store the HTML in a temp folder or something so I can start the server and then copy the HTML it generates or something?

It might be easiest to just add a ioutil.WriteFile() call into Caddy’s markdown rendering code, if you need Caddy to render it… no, markdown is served from memory I’m pretty sure.

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Thanks, that worked fine. For anyone else wanting to do the same, this is what I did. About right here I added:

fn := htmlfile(r.URL.Path)
err = ioutil.WriteFile(fn, html, 0644)

with htmlfile being this function:

func htmlfile(p string) string {
	if(p == "/") {
		return "tmp/index.html"
	} else {
		sl := s.Split(p, "/")
		fn := sl[len(sl)-1]

		sl = s.Split(fn, ".md")
		fn = sl[0]

		return "tmp/" + fn + ".html"

Disclosure, not a Go programmer, but it did the trick. Had to click on all of the links but writing a crawler wouldn’t be too hard.

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