Migrate Caddy to New Location (VM)

I have not tried anything yet as I am just trying to plan ahead.

I currently run Caddy on a Windows 7 box. I use it to reverse proxy for Emby (media server), Comicstreamer (comic server) and Ubooquity (ebook server). All are setup as subdomains. Caddy and all three services run on the same box.

I have recently started setting up a more powerful box running Win Server 2016. Is there anything different about running Caddy in a VM? Can I use the same Caddy file and just change IP references?

I am also debating two scenarios:

  1. Run Caddy in the slimmest VM possible (suggestions?) and run the other services on a Win10 VM. Since the two VMs would have different IPs, does this make things much more complex than they are now?
  2. Run Caddy and the services on a single Win10 VM. This would keep things in a similar setup as I have now

Sorry if these questions are rudimentary for most of the folks here. I know just enough about this stuff to be dangerous.

Hi @VMCosco, welcome to the Caddy community!

Not much different - just treat the VM like a separate host (it is) and make sure it’s accessible and it can access everything it needs to in turn, and that’ll cover it.

Not terribly so. It mostly just means you can’t use localhost, you’ll need to refer to the Win10 VM by IP or DNS-resolvable hostname.

If you’re looking for a very slim solution, you’re talking some form of headless Linux. That’s my recommendation for running these kinds of services anyway; throw up Debian 9, set up SSH with key-based auth only and fail2ban, throw up the services behind UFW (firewall) and open up 80 and 443 to Caddy to talk to the services on localhost.

So, yeah, my advice is a merger of the two options; throw em all in a single Linux VM :stuck_out_tongue:

But Linux isn’t for everyone, so throw em all in the same 10/2016 VM, they’ll be fine. More VMs means more overhead - not as much as it used to be with certain technologies, but still more beefy than a container.

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