Markdown specs for Caddy v2?

What are the Markdown specs for Caddy v2? Is it only John Gruber’s baseline Markdown, or does it include support for one of the extended specs, and of so, which one(s)?

Is there also a way to manually extend the capabilities of the built-in Markdown support?

I’m wondering if I can get by with the built-in spec, or if I need to use a Markdown-compatible CMS like Pico or something else to get some of the extended syntax features.

Welcome Giovanni –

Caddy templates use Goldmark to render markdown: GitHub - yuin/goldmark: A markdown parser written in Go. Easy to extend, standard(CommonMark) compliant, well structured.

Here’s how we configure it: tplcontext.go - caddyserver/caddy - Sourcegraph

Currently we enable extensions for Github-flavored markdown, footnotes, and syntax highlighting.

Open to suggestions to improve/expand its capabilities (within reason, I think I’ve maxed out the new dependencies I want to build in).

Thanks. That’s very helpful. Personally, I prefer the cleanliness of XHTML readability, but can live without.

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