.Map in templates?

the template documentation says:

Map keys to values: (useful in advanced cases, with subtemplates, etc.)
{{.Map “key1” “value1” “key2” “value2”}}

But when I try running that code, it actually outputs map[key1:value1 key2:value2] to the page. If I assign the map {{$foo := .Map "key1" "value1" "key2" "value2"}} that stops the output, but then the values aren’t assigned to the global .Map dict.


{{$foo := .Map "key1" "value1" "key2" "value2"}}
{{.Include "base.html"}}


foo is <b>{{.Map}}</b> 

output is: foo is <b>map[]</b> And I can’t access $foo across templates. Is there any further clarity/examples around what the documentation means when it says “useful in advanced cases, with subtemplates, etc.”?

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