Map handler use regex capture group in destination?

Does map handler support using the capture groups in destination?

map * {host} {my_folder} {
  ~(.+)\.localhost \\1
  default "fail"

Good question. If it did, it would look more like {re.my_folder.1}, but I don’t think these end up being named regexp. /cc @matt

But for your use-case, if you only have those two cases, I recommend using a named matcher with header_regexp instead:

Maybe something like this:

@myfolder header_regexp folder Host (.+)\.localhost
handle @myfolder {
	root * /var/www/{re.folder.1}

handle {
	root * /var/www/fail

The map handler doesn’t set placeholders like this, but it could, someone can contribute that functionality. Would be pretty similar to what’s in the regexp matchers.

Thank you @francislavoie and @matt

I will file a feature request issue.

EDIT: done - Feature request: map handler takes account of regex capture group · Issue #3971 · caddyserver/caddy · GitHub


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