Major Telemetry outtake?

Hello there.
I have been toying around with Caddy and find the idea of using Telemetry very appealing.
It used to work very well but starting this week it seemed to stop responding entirely with 502.
This affects my personal browser (at home), my work computer (at university) as well as my static IP (server) which cannot report stats to Telemetry, so I believe that the service can actually be considered offline.

Is there any status.telemetry page or am I the only one the encounter this problem?

Help is appreciated. If I can collect further information to help you please let me know.


This page as a similar error and doesn’t display stats:

Error being:
There was an error retrieving the global summary: HTTP 502: Bad Gateway

@matt may not be aware.

Yeah, it’s been out for a few days now.

The problem is, it takes a lot of space and money to run it, but nobody really uses it.

So maintaining it hasn’t been my top priority lately… the most common problem is that the machine runs out of memory. But I don’t have an extra ~$180-$240/yr right now to upgrade the machine (that’s just compute, at least double it for storage). Hopefully that’ll change in the near future.

I just rebooted it for now, but I’m not sure how long it’ll last.

Hello @matt!
Thanks for responding in a reasonable amount of time.
You could reach out to They are on a major mission to help open source projects. Maybe they will aid in financing to keep Telemetry alive.

@matt maybe you should change to auch cheaper hoster. What are the needed specs ?
Btw. the low usage might be an issue. I currently try caddy and it didn’t generate the uuid file.
The option of self hosting the stats server would be interesting too.

Hey @matt
Can you please keep us updated? It’s a really neat feature that I even would be willing to contribute money to on a regular basis. I am sure there can be a solution to this. Please let the community help! :slight_smile:

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Well, this is stupid, but I added a cron job to reboot the server every hour or so. Reboots only take a few seconds and downtime of the telemetry server doesn’t hurt any Caddy instances, so it should be a fine low-budget solution for now. (Unfortunately there’s no systemd file to restart the DB process when it dies, which is the most common problem.)

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