Logging of startup

I realise, now that I have made Caddy a service (on a Windows Server) and have to rely on the logs for information on its activity, that no startup message is logged. Could the startup please be logged, possibly also with the list of active domains which is sent to the console?


If you run Caddy without the -quiet flag, it does output the list of sites it is serving. Is that not what you need?

At a command line it does, but when operating as a Windows service it has no visible command line, so interaction is through the log file. Those lines don’t go to the log, which is what I am suggesting would be a good idea.

Oh I see, so you’re only capturing stderr. I guess we could add a log for startup. Would you open an issue on GitHub so it could be discussed and implemented? Thanks!

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At the same time would it be useful to log any commands run with the startup and shutdown directive to the log also when started with -log

Implemented in #1210 https://github.com/mholt/caddy/pull/1210 and #1211 https://github.com/mholt/caddy/pull/1211

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