List of Caddy 2 Modules (OBSOLETE)

This list is maintained by the community until the new website supports registering modules.

:warning: This list is deprecated. The new download page lists all known plugins you can use. Plugin authors: please claim your plugin packages in the Caddy portal.

Note that many of these plugins are still in development, so please be patient with the developers and help them out, thanks! :slight_smile:

Building Caddy with Plugins

For now, the easiest way is to use xcaddy:

$ xcaddy build --with <module_path>[@<version>]

(The version can be a commit SHA or tag name. If omitted, the latest tag is used.)

For example, to build Caddy with the NGINX adapter plugged in:

$ xcaddy build --with

Module list (outdated)

Description Module path & link
Deploy your site with ‘git push’
Prometheus metrics
Raspberry Pi IoT functionality
Request matcher using client certs
Experimental dynamic DNS app
Reverse proxy circuit breaker
Reverse proxy NTLM transport
Run one-off commands
Automatic configuration via
Docker container labels
Generate JSON schema
for Caddy config
Compose reusable http routes
Custom log format

HTTP handlers

Description Module path & link
Example 418 teapot handler
SAML auth
JWT auth
Form or LDAP auth
Secure forward proxy
(v2 WIP in pull request)
Distributed cache
Parse JSON body
HMAC signature validation
Replace contents in response (similar to http.filter)

DNS modules

How to use them for ACME challenges

Description Module path & link
All 75+ legacy
Route 53

Config adapters

(Config adapters aren’t technically modules since they don’t integrate with Caddy’s native JSON config structure, but they’re still plugins.)

Storage modules


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