Limitations of CertMagic

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Hi! As I documented in this post, I was using a Caddy plugin to save certificate information in a database. This very roughly worked as follows:

  • Added an event fired when a certificate is obtained
  • Caddy plugin listens for that event and saves details to a database

Unfortunately, with certificates now obtained by CertMagic, I’m in a tricky situation. I can’t use a Caddy plugin, as CertMagic doesn’t know about Caddy and can’t emit an event. Additionally, I can’t make a CertMagic plugin, as those don’t exist.

Any ideas? My only thought is to build my database integration directly into CertMagic.

(Oliver Dunk) #2

Matt to the rescue!

(Matt Holt) #3

Most Caddy events related to TLS are emitted from this function now:

However, you should still be seeing the event as before:

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