Jetpack plugin for WordPress

Right, the mystery has been solved. While the Server Port Value issue was Caddy related, the Blog Token if Exists issue was not. For the solution, please refer to the Jetpack forum thread Blog token is missing.

Thank you @John_Siu @francislavoie for the time you spent on this thread helping me try out different things when I had run out of ideas.


In the image in post #8 above Jetpack plugin for WordPress - #8 by basil, WordPress suggests adding code to .htaccess. If Caddy doesn’t use this file, is this step irrelevant?

I think so, because the try_files in php_fastcgi should already take care of that for you, if I’m reading it correctly. I’m no Apache config expert though.

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OK, so I renamed .htaccess for the moment, reloaded the Caddyfile, and so far, so good.

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