Issue with native telemetry and http.prometheus

The native telemetry does not work for me:

And caddy-prometheus, which I planned to use with Telegraf,does not work

That doesn’t look like a bug in the prometheus middleware: can you verify that files in vhosts/* are being loaded as you expect? (Try inlining the contents.) Right now your Caddyfile is malformed.

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Hello Matt,

Looks like I forgot how to read…

In your Caddyfile :


For each virtual host that you want to see metrics for.

That last line solved my problem.

I am affected by the websocket+panic bug though: Using this plugin with websockets causes a panic · Issue #43 · miekg/caddy-prometheus · GitHub. I have websites that rely on websockets and the plugin break them.

It seems there is currently no way for me to get metrics from caddy :cry: