Issue with client certificates

  • explain what you are trying to do,
    Require client certificate authentication

  • show what you have already tried,
    The following config works as expected, client cert is requested when navigating to the URL. {
tls {
clients /path/to/ca.cert.pem
dns cloudflare
proxy /guacamole localip:9000/guacamole {
without /guacamole

Removing the :8443 to run on standard SSL port 443 fails to request a client cert. The client browser shows an insecure connection, and the following is logged by caddy.

2018/12/01 00:58:49 http: TLS handshake error from tls: client didn’t provide a certificate

I’ve attempted every variation of the hostname I could think of, with and without preceding https:// and with and without trailing :443.

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