Is there no on_demand tls support in the Caddyfile?

Regarding version 2: I snipped out most of the template because this isn’t really a debugging issue, it’s a documentation issue. I’ve been researching Caddy and its ability to do on-demand TLS, which is pretty impressive, but upon reading the documentation, I noticed something odd:

The docs do cover on-demand TLS, but the configuration for it is only described json section of the docs; in the Caddyfile area, the TLS directive is absent any configuration of on-demand TLS.

Is it impossible to use on-demand TLS using the Caddyfile syntax?



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The v2 Caddyfile is not yet complete with regards to logging, error handling, or the tls directive. It is coming though. :slight_smile: Eventually.

Thanks, that explains my confusion. So at the moment, I’d want to stick with the raw JSON for that? Or use v1?

Either one of those are viable alternatives! But we do want to encourage people to move to v2 as soon as they are able. It is in beta still so there is that caveat but only by people using it is how we will get out of beta. :slight_smile: I think overall production use of v2 is starting to look pretty good.

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Sure. For me that would be a little bit of a bummer though, because I definitely want to configure with the caddyfile instead of a json file. Thanks for the advice though.

I think you’ll be able to do what you need with the Caddyfile before the v2 release candidates. Feel free to submit a PR to speed it up!

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