Is the FEC module of quic auto enabled?


I was reading some more about the quic protocol and some papers were talking about the FEC module. I couldnt find out how i could check if it was on on my caddy server or how to enabled it. Or maybe it doesnt exist anymore.

Does any know?

Looks like Caddy implements QUIC via quic-go:

There’s mention of FEC in the error codes but it’s beyond my expertise as to whether or not it’s in use in that project. I read that there’s some concern that FEC v1 did not perform very well.

You can enable QUIC in Caddy by launching it with the -quic flag (check out caddy -h or the command line docs).

Indeed, looks like FEC was removed from QUIC for now.

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Im writing my thesis on a http1.1/tcp vs http2/quic and while reading some older papers i came across FEC but i didnt know anything about it with regards to caddy so i wasnt sure if i had to enable/disable it for further tests. Ty


Would love a link to your thesis when it’s done. :slight_smile:

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