Is caddy-hugo depecrated?

Hi, using Hugo I found that there’s an addod for Caddy called caddy-hugo it seems to be the tools that I am looking for, but I was not able to make a test with that. It’s not clear how to use it. Is this plugin still useful? where can I find a tutorial, an example, something that help me to use it? Thanks

There is a page for http.hugo in the caddy documentation :wink:

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You need to download Caddy with Hugo build in.

Select Hugo on the download page and you can download caddy with it compiled in. This is how plugins are used in Caddy

Hey @Sredny_M_Casanova! caddy-hugo plugin creator here! I think that @TheDcoder and @tobya said what I would say so thank you guys :smiley:

Answering to your question: yes, it is still useful and it’s not deprecated. Checkout the docs. If you still need more help, just tell us.

Hope you find it useful :wink:

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@TheDcoder @tobya thank you very much!! that was really helpful

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@hacdias thanks, nice plugin! I think the documentation in github can be better? I really didn’t know how to start :frowning: I would like to help in that if you are agree

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Hey @Sredny_M_Casanova! If you have any suggestions or things you’d like to change, you can open a Pull Request :slight_smile: What’s the part of the repository’s README you’d like to see improved? :smiley:

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