IPV6 Networking - Error: "web server is unreachable"

I’m trying to enable server accessibility for IPv6

I have a EC2 instance (IPV6 Enabled) with a docker container running caddy and another container running my API. I have added on Cloudflare a AAAA record to my ipv6 address.

When I tested it in this link IPv6 test - web site reachability, it worked in the first step but, in the second step, has an error: “web server is unreachable : Connection timed out”. My caddy image:

import sites/*.conf


   catsitter-api.dizzi.com.br {
        import _tls
        proxy / cat-sitter-api:4000 {


tls {
  protocols tls1.0 tls1.2
  key_type rsa2048
  dns cloudflare
  max_certs 99999

Everything works normaly when I access my projects in a ipv4 network.

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