Interested in a "Go Plugins" plugin for Caddy?

Go has a “plugins” package, that allows you to build Go programs as “plugins” and dynamically import them at runtime.
I’d like to write a plugin for Caddy that allows people to compile their Go web applications as plugins, and serve them via Caddy. Would others be interested in such a plugin?

It means you can serve your Go app with Caddy, without somehow compiling it into caddy.

Sounds cool. I wonder if it would see significant usage over simply having the web app listen on a local port for Caddy to proxy to, which must be incredibly common due to the simplicity of net/http.

The main advantage for me over proxying is that I only have to run one process, which reduces the complexity.

If this doesn’t require modifying Caddy core, then sure, that sounds like a great plugin! I like this solution more than modifying Caddy core to support dynamically loaded plugins. Do you think it would support only apps written in Go?

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