Instructions to renew wildcard certificate

Caddy version: 0.11.0.
The existing wildcard certificate is expiring in a month or so.
I got the .pem file downloaded from CA, and I’d like to get the instructions on installing the new cert.
This is new to me, so I hope I can get some advises here.
Thank you.

Hi @tcbon, welcome to the Caddy community!

Your Caddy version is wildly out of date. It’s not even the latest v1 version!

I’d strongly recommend updating - at minimum, to the latest v1. If so, you can find documentation for supplying TLS certificates for v1 here:

Better, though, would be upgrading - v2 is out and has reached the first stable release. It’s rewritten from the ground up and much better than v1 in so many ways it’s hard to count them all. You can find instructions on how to get it here: Install — Caddy Documentation, and there’s a v1 → v2 upgrade guide as well: Upgrading to Caddy 2 — Caddy Documentation

Thanks for replying. I picked up this system without knowing any configurations of it. Beside upgrading to the newer/latest version of Caddy, are there any general instructions you can provide to install the .pem file? I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

Yes, absolutely, from my post just above yours:

And for v2: tls (Caddyfile directive) — Caddy Documentation

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