Init makes ACME fail; error messages need improving

I have a working SSL setup using the sysvinit script that comes with Caddy on an old Debian. But my certificate expired, so I switched to Let’s Encrypt, which works fine when started with sudo -u www-data caddy -conf /etc/caddy/Caddyfile &.

But using the regular sudo service start caddy all I get in stderr.log is:

2017/01/29 13:39:59 [INFO] acme: Registering account for

After which Caddy dies. And that’s the whole line. No address.

Now I realize that sysvinit is a mess, and I’m probably dealing with a file permission issue, but it’d be much easier to debug if Caddy had better error messages.

Just popping in to say that I agree the error messages could be better, but unfortunately I don’t know how to help with sysvinit, sorry. We’ll look at improving the logs in the future.

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