Image Gallery with Caddy alone

I wasn’t sure which category to use for this question, but has anyone tried writing a template to generate image galleries? Preferably html5/css heavy and light on javascript?

I currently run my own static gallery generator, but figure caddy v2 can do it all itself through templates.

I haven’t found anything searching around.


Unfortunately, I don’t think too many people have experimented with Caddy v2’s templating. You’re one of the first for this :sweat_smile:

Good news is, the default file_server browse template probably has everything you need in terms of functionality, you’ll just need to adjust it to display the images with <img /> tags instead of a file list, etc.

Thanks. I figured this is the case. I need to spend more time reading the source to understand what’s exposed/possible. I have read through the source code for, and it looks pretty straightforward.

Whatever I write, I’ll make open source so others can make it better than my hacks. :wink:

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