I need a Custom work


I need some custom work. Please if you can help me with this task, I am open to discuss the price.

I have a website builder which is hosted on DigitalOcean server.
The builder offers my users to publish websites on subdomain or connect my clients domains via A record or CNAME.

I have a Comodo Wildcard SSL installed on my server at this moment and it covers all subdomains, however, all custom domains connected to my server will not have SSL.

I need to:

  • disable/remove Comodo SSL
  • install and setup Caddy to cover my website and all subdomains with Wildcard SSL (with auto-renew) and custom domains with Standard SSL (with auto-renew)


Hello Ken

@matt may be able to help you and discuss price or another member of the community.

It is all possible with Caddy and Digital Ocean.

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