Http.login v1.3.0: adds Gitlab OAuth provider, updates Google OAuth Endpoints

(Sebastian Mancke) #1
  • ATTENTION: We added a config option to set the secure flag for cookies (default: -cookie-secure=true). If you run unsecure HTTP you have to set this option ot false!!!
  • Google OAuth provider now uses the google userinfo endpoint. No need to activate the google+ APIs anymore.
  • Added Gitlab OAuth Provider
  • The GET endpoint now returns the user info if the call accepts JSON
  • Default OAuth scopes for google and facebook provider. No need to configure them anymore.
  • Caddy-plugin: let upstream middleware (e.g. fastcgi and cgi) know about authenticated user
  • Caddy-plugin: fixed corner cases in handling of JWT_SECRET paramter for caddy
  • Add viewport meta tag to get proper scaling on mobile
(Matt Holt) #2

Great! Thanks for your effort in maintaining this and making this plugin available!

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